Are you interested in becoming a member of Carolina Style Chorus?
Our membership is open to women of all ages, races and creeds. Carolina Style performs a cappella music, singing in the 4-part barbershop style.

You don't have to read music to become a member. We have members who don’t read music at all and those who read well and can help you learn. Each voice part has several section leaders who are available to assist with making recordings and helping you learn the music for both older songs in our repertoire and our current music.

Membership Auditions

Because we participate in regional and sometimes international competitions, it is important that all members of the chorus can sing in key, hold their part, and blend with the group. For this reason, we are an audition-only chorus.

  • At your first rehearsal, we will provide you with the music and recordings for the audition pieces, usually our two competition songs.
  • Visitors may attend for up to 8 rehearsals to help prepare for the audition.
  • All or a portion of each piece will be sung for audition by memory in a quartet made up of the prospective member and 3 of our section leaders.

The are several ways to prepare for your audition:

  • Attend Rehearsals Regularly - Your vocal skills and confidence will improve each week by practicing with the group.
  • Practice Singing with Chorus Members -  Putting together a quartet that includes other chorus members is a great way to see where you are musically. Most members will be eager to help you with this!
  • Record Yourself During Rehearsals - Going over your recordings with a section leader will provide helpful insights prior to your audition.

Audition Process

The audition process is private, and usually takes place before or after a rehearsal. You will sing your part with a quartet that includes other chorus members. The chorus director and several section leaders will listen to your audition to ensure that you have good tuning, that you are able to sing your part correctly and independently, and that you know the notes and words. 


Once you pass your audition, the membership chairman will present your application and the results of your audition to the entire chorus for a vote to approve your membership. After the chorus votes you in as a member, you will be asked to talk with our Finance Coordinator about Carolina Style Chorus, Region 14, and Sweet Adelines International dues.

When you are an official member of Carolina Style, you will continue to submit recordings of all pieces of the chorus’s repertoire, one or two at a time over a broad period of time. Members must pass each piece before joining the group in performances. As with the original audition, section leaders will be available to work with you to help you master our repertoire.

If you have  questions about membership or the audition process, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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